Thursday, July 8, 2010

Show Some Love to EmilyClaireCreations

If you haven't heard about EmilyClaireCreatons aka Valerie you are in for a treat, and if you have well read about her anyways she is such a nice person you might learn something.  Valerie has a wide selection of items in her shop which you can find on Artfire.  You might be asking why EmilyClaire and not Valerie creations?  Well Valerie loves her kids so much she combined their names for her shop.

She says "Making jewelry makes me supremely happy. It is a one true medium where I can express myself. I follow my bliss. I believe it shows in my designs. Jewelry should be something anyone can wear no matter what size, shape, age or color you are, it is a statement to accentuate your personality."

She has created some of the most wonderful pieces of jewelry I have ever seen with the materials that she uses.  Just look at these examples:



You can find her at: 

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