About Me

I am owner and lead artisan of C Newcomb Woodworking and A Woodworking Odyssey
Creating something beautiful with my hands from a piece of wood brings great joy to me. I love cutting out patterns and sanding and staining my wood creations. Watching a new item begin to look more finished and ready for its owner provides a gratifying sense of calm and peace deep within my soul. 
I actually started wood working as a hobby. It's something I can do to help reduce the stress in my life while staying home, with my family nearby -- that is important to me. I am married to the most wonderful woman I know. Together, we are the proud parents of two beautiful, healthy, smart daughters. My woodworking hobby has been gaining popularity among family, friends, and both my wife's and my co-workers. It is because of that, and per request, that I have decided to turn my hobby into something more and sell my handcrafted projects. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.

scroll sawing, computers, computer games, computer programming, chess, making chess sets